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Its been quite a journey thus far...

     I am Creative. At a very young age, perhaps 7 or 8 years old I remember drawing, coloring, painting, building, mixing, and creating. From crayons and sand to playing with my food at the dinner table viewing what colors would be created while combining the ingredients.  Creating Art specifically was both a pleasure and a challenge; it was a space I organically discovered that became "the master of my world".  A place to take refuge from a sometimes unstable home environment, a place I could fully control. A place where outside opinions didn't matter, a solitary space. Myself and my creativity alone. At times it was extremely supportive and at other times it was very lonely and in turn, created a harsh and sometimes cruel critic. Today, my creativity and I have a healthy, attentive, reciprocal relationship.  Balance.

     I am Empathetic and Compassionate. For as long as I can remember, I've been able to connect deeply with people. A deeper sense of compassion that at times has seemed impossible to shake. Generally,  when someone is feeling anxious, fearful, excited, and joyful I can pick up on that more acutely than the average person, and provide the appropriate support. Like most other things on this journey, there are both positives and negatives to having the ability to more keenly detect and directly experience the feelings of others. I have learned that without the ability to pick and choose what you feel– is potentially dangerous. I have learned it is imperative to maintain and promote healthy boundaries and a significant amount of my time is spent in self-care; recharging with my "source", seeking knowledge and truth for my personal growth, and caring for my physical body. Balance.


     I am a Seeker. I have an insatiable desire to learn and am always seeking out opportunities to expand my knowledge. I have learned that I must be mentally and physically stimulated in order to thrive..which is a beautiful blessing. I am a deep thinker who lives according to the saying, “As above, So below.” I am often uncovering personal truths and exploring universal truths. I am here on this earth to make a difference and take my soul work and calling very seriously—however, always down to have fun in the process! Balance. 


     I am a Human..." being ". I am a Person in long-term Recovery; grateful, proud, and unafraid to share my experience, strength, and truth in order to support others on their journey. 


Till we meet again... I leave you with this blessing derived from Clarissa Pinkola Estes. 

"May you be kept safe. 

May you be watched over. 

May all that you seek, seek you as well. 

May you know that everything you need is given to you in portions when you need it. 

May you see the "signs" everywhere that help you to understand, to heal, and to learn: 

Who you are.

Why you are...and most of all that you belong. 

To us, the tribe of the 'Scared Heart' and to many of us 'Scar Clan'. "

Blessed Be. 

Rustic Beach Path

Hey There...

My name is Diana (pronouns-she/her). 

I have inhabited multiple roles in my life. I am an offspring, sibling, student, mentor, friend, partner, and parent. I am an employee, boss, artist, and dreamer. I am the fun one, the nag, the serious one, the organizer, the planner, the spontaneous one, and the partier. With some, I have cut my losses and with others, I remain loyal until the end.

Some of these roles I chose...and many of the roles are ones that were chosen for me or are ones that I fell into unconsciously—because I thought it was “what I was supposed to do” or because I didn't know anything different. 

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